who we are

We are Cross Country Equity, LLC, the “Mortgage Professionals”, a highly skilled team of financial experts specializing in mortgage loan services. Our company has over 40 years of combined experience in the financial services arena, with expert knowledge in all mortgage products both residential and commercial. We stand firmly behind our brand and commitment to our clients; we also strive to offer the highest level of expertise and service to all of our clients on every transaction. We truly believe that every client deserves our absolute best and that no one will leave Cross Country Equity, LLC unsatisfied as it relates to service and dedication on our behalf.

We believe that all great companies have a few things in common that good companies do not poses, this is what keeps them from becoming great, Visionary Leaders, Strong effective structure, and most import, concern for the consumer. Cross Country Equity, LLC was built on all of these key traits, that is why we’re the right company for you; YOU are our number one priority.

our history

Our ever growing company was founded April 19, 2005 by two extraordinary men, Gary Moore and Leeonnas Richardson. They both had a passion for people and both believed in taking mortgage lending to the next level with one simple principle, keep our clients happy. Day in and day out over the years, they have strived to find innovative and clever methods of improving the lending experience by making it fun, efficient, and effective, but yet and still with precision and accuracy. Regardless of economic conditions, our company has continued to be a beacon of light in the lending community, by keeping a standard of integrity in the real estate market place without “Skidish” tactics and fraudulent activity.

These ideals have allowed us to continue to soar above the competition and remain relevant in this ever changing lending environment. To this day, both gentlemen still diligently serve the needs of our company’s clients all over the state of Louisiana with extreme pride and humility with one common goal in mind, “strive to be the best at what we do”.